Science Update

Hello Family Members!

Science is going to be very exciting this year.  With our program HMH Florida Science, we’ll explore the solar system, weather and climate, matter–the material everything is made from, energy, electricity, and motion, as well as plants, animals, and the environment. Our first unit of study focuses on these Sunshine State Science Standards and vocabulary terms.

Unit 1  Scientists at Work

SC.5.N.1.1 Define a problem, use appropriate reference materials to support scientific understanding, plan and carry out scientific investigations of various types such as: systematic observations, experiments requiring the identification of variables, collecting and organizing data, interpreting data in charts, tables, and graphics, analyze information, make predictions, and defend conclusions.
SC.5.N.1.2 Explain the difference between an experiment and other types of scientific investigation.
SC.5.N.1.3 Recognize and explain the need for repeated experimental trials.

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