Welcome to Fifth Grade!

The Fifth Grade Learning Community at PES

5th Grade Curriculum Chat, September 11, 2018, 6:00-7:00 pm

This year the fifth grade teachers will be teaming up again to teach all the fifth grade students. This plan will enable all of the teachers to get to know all of the students.  Teachers will work deeply with students in specific subjects, yet collaborate on the needs of each child as a team.  As usual, each child will be assigned a homeroom teacher.  Throughout the day, your child will rotate to three classroom hubs.  The two fifth grade classrooms dedicated to same-subject areas (hubs) will allow teachers the option to co-teach when desired.  Your child will be enrolled to just one teacher for their courses, but those teachers will be collaborating to meet the needs of your child.  Our school was designed with this kind of collaboration in mind with the flexible wall between classrooms. The hubs are Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies.  This design is called departmentalization and it is used throughout schools across the county, state, and nation.  To simplify scheduling and home-school communication, teachers across the subjects will also work as a team.  Your child will be on either Team A or Team B, depending on their homeroom teacher.   Remember that in sixth grade, students will have seven periods to move through during the day, so a three-way switch in fifth grade will provide a nice transitional year.  Please see the teams below.


Learning Hubs Team A Team B
English Language Arts Edwards/Hughes  (Coral) Gardner (Yellow)
Mathematics Brown (Seafoam Green) Glennon (Lavender)
Science and Social Studies Holmes (Blue) Wadsworth (Red)



This Fifth Grade Website is accessible by clicking on any fifth grade teacher from the staff menu.  This website will be maintained for general information about fifth grade and academic area information.  When we need to inform you about school happenings or when teachers begin a new unit, we will add a post on the “Fifth Grade Updates” calendar you see on the right, so please check the site weekly for updates.  After the school year gets underway, we will set our website to automatically load the updates for your convenience.

Email: Please help confirm that the homeroom teacher has your correct email address from the start.  If you experience a gap in receiving emails from your child’s homeroom teacher, then we probably have the wrong email address.  Please email us to let us know, then we will have the correct email address.  If you have an urgent matter or transportation change, please contact the front office as we have limited time to check email throughout the day.

Edmodo will be used by all teachers for assignments, videos, and communication.  The digital planner on Edmodo will be used to post homework assignments.  It is the teachers’ responsibility to post assignments; it is the students’ responsibility to check the planner and complete the assignments.  Click on the ’30 calendar’ icon on Edmodo to open the planner from a computer.  Be sure to click on assignments to read all the instructions. (Planner assignments can only be viewed as notifications on the mobile Edmodo app.)

Remind App  Please sign-up for cell phone text message reminders for both the  Palencia Fifth Grade as well as your homeroom teacher’s reminders.

Remind Group Enter this number Text this message
Palencia Fifth Grade 81010 @2d67h
Brown 81010 @mbs5th
Edwards 81010 @eef34hk
Gardner 81010 @hgkcc8
Glennon 81010 @mglenno
Holmes 81010 @8cehc2
Hughes 81010 @fed9de
Wadsworth 81010 @a3922cf

How will conferences be arranged with departmentalization?

Specific conference dates and times will be set aside in October, but a conference may be requested sooner if necessary.  Different circumstances will require different conference options.

Behavior Expectations

Building a positive classroom community will be a daily focus as we strive to not only meet academic learning goals, but also develop the social/emotional learning competencies of every student.  We have high expectations in fifth grade.  There is much to learn and a lot of fun to be had in doing so!  We aim to keep students interested and engaged. We expect our students to be respectful and always do their best in everything they do.  Class Dojo will be the app we use for behavior management.  Please go on-line and connect with your child’s class dojo account using the letter you will receive from your child’s homeroom teacher.


Attendance is very important because learning that occurs in class is very hard to replicate at home. The students are responsible for the work they have missed when they are absent.  If they are absent, students will be able to access many of their assignments from home in order to complete make-up work.  Students also need to copy any missed notes in their journals upon their return.  Please send a written note or an email regarding the absence upon your child’s return. If you have a planned absence, please let us know.

Dress Code

Please adhere to the county dress code at all times.  This can be found in the Code of Contact. You will be contacted if your child is not in compliance.  Remember to wear the colors requested by Captain Anderson for your child’s safety.  Monday – Red, Tuesday – Black, Wednesday – Green, Thursday – White, Friday – Spirit Wear.


Homework is to be completed nightly and will be checked at the end of the week.  Nightly reading needs to be part of the homework routine.  Please help your child establish the habit.  Otherwise, the homework is mostly on-line.  Our goal is to post the homework at the beginning of each week so students can plan accordingly.  However, there may be assignments that are not given on Monday if needed.  For students that need time to work on homework in class, they may use the flexible work time in the mornings from 8:05-8:35 to work on assignments.  This provides a 30 minute morning block for students to complete assignments if necessary.  We do expect homework to be completed at home as the norm.  Please see the school-wide homework policy for more information.