Last Week Reminders

Dear Parents,

Promotion ceremonies for 5th grade are tonight (Gardner, Glennon, Wadsworth) and tomorrow tonight (Brown, Edwards, Holmes).  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the program starts at 6:00.

If students ordered a yearbook in advance, they received it today.  A limited number of yearbooks will be for sale in the front office for $20 starting tomorrow.

The 5th grade dance is tomorrow around 1 p.m. This is a casual dance; no need to dress up!  Students will be served lunch at the dance (later than normal lunch time), so they may bring a snack for mid-morning.  Students must meet character expectations to attend the dance.  If students do not meet the expectation, they may be denied participation in the dance.  All students will be given lunch, nonetheless.

Tomorrow students will be allowed to “read with a flashlight,” so please have them bring one.  On Wednesday, 5th grade will hold the Kickball Championship game after the Willy Wonka play.  On Thursday, 5th graders will participate in field day in the morning.  On the last day of school, Friday, students should NOT bring backpacks.  We will not be going to the cafeteria, either, so we recommend that students bring their lunch.  Also, on Friday students will be released one hour early at 1:50 p.m.

Students should be bringing home notebooks and other supplies in their backpacks today and throughout the week through Thursday.  Please have them empty their backpacks tonight and bring them back tomorrow for any other belongings.

Thank you!

The Fifth Grade Team

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Celebratory Events

We kicked off the celebration of students completing elementary school with a great trip to Sea World today!  We enjoyed great weather, great company, and great fun!  Thank you so much to everyone who chaperoned!  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Furthermore, we are very proud of our students for representing our school community so well!

The celebration continues with the start of the 5th grade Kickball Tournament tomorrow morning.  If possible, please have students wear their class shirts again for their “team uniform.”  Please remind your child that good character and sportsmanship is required to participate.  The competition has been fierce already!  (If students have not or do not abide by the character expectations, they may be denied participation in the games.)

In addition to the kickball tournament, also in store for tomorrow is a guest speaker in Science and the ice cream party for students who read SSYRA books.

Students will begin to bring home workbooks and notebooks.  The workbooks may have incomplete pages if we used other resources to teach that content.  However, the unused pages could be utilized over the summer to keep up the practice and learning.  The materials are high quality, so please take a look before tossing them out.  Please have your child search their bedrooms and under their beds for any books from the Palencia Media Center or the teacher’s classroom libraries and return them.  We appreciate it!

Reminders:  Monday evening- Awards ceremony for Gardner, Glennon, Wadsworth; Tuesday – Dance Party and Awards ceremony in the evening for Brown, Edwards/Hughes, Holmes; Wednesday- Kickball Championship Game; Friday- Last Day and Early Release at 1:50 (no backpacks please).


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Finishing Strong

It is hard to believe that there are only 18 days of school left!  The energy and excitement is building.  Today we celebrated as Palencia won the Battle of the Books again!  Four out of six battle team members are fifth graders.  Hooray!

Please check out the list of important upcoming events.  It starts with testing this Thursday. To help students perform their best on the tests, please make sure they get a good night’s sleep the nights before and protein-packed breakfast the morning of the tests.  Students should be working on Language Arts IXL practice for homework tonight.  (S1-S4, Y2, Y3, H3)  Students should have also brought home their FSA Reading Practice Test.  Please look it over with an encouraging word.  Thank you for all of your support!

FSA Reading May 2-3
FSA Math May 6-7
FSA Science May 9-10
Sea World Chaperone Meeting May 13
Sea World Field Trip May 16
Kickball Day One May 17
Team B – Awards Ceremony May 20 (Evening)
Team A – Awards Ceremony May 21  (Evening)
5th Grade Dance May 21  (During Day)
Willy Wonka Play May 22
Kickball Championship Game May 22
Field Day May 23
Last Day Clap-Out Early Release May 24

Don’t forget to send in your $10 contribution for End of the Year activities tomorrow if you can!

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Year End Activities

Dear 5Th Grade Families,

Can you believe we are in the final stretch of 5th grade and our time at Palencia Elementary School?! What a fun year it has been!  The teachers, homeroom moms, and some other parent volunteers, are working on some exciting end of year activities for our children and would be very thankful for your contribution and help.

We have the 5th Grade Dance coming up on May 21 at 1:00 and can’t wait to create a super fun party for all the kids.  The theme will be Shoot for the Stars, and we will be serving food, drinks, have a DJ, a photo booth, a candy bar, and lots of fun activities. The kids have been talking about this event for months and is always one of the most anticipated days of the year!

Have you heard about the super competitive kickball games that the kids have been having lately? They are gearing up for their big Kickball Tournament on May 17, with the playoffs taking place on May 22. Sounds like this is going to be crazy competitive and a lot of fun!! We will be providing cold drinks, fruit, and popsicles to fuel the kids through the games.

The last event to close out the school year is Field Day on May 23 at 8:45. Hard to believe it’s the last field day of elementary for our kiddos!


In order to move forward with getting these end of year activities and events planned, we are requesting that each student contribute $10.00. If you are willing and able to contribute more than that, we would be very grateful. Also, if you have a business that would like to sponsor our 5th grade class, please contact Morgan Smith [email protected].  Please send cash into your homeroom teacher, or you can [email protected] by Wednesday May 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, or would like to help with any of the above, please let your homeroom teacher know or contact Morgan Smith [email protected].  Thank you for all of your support! We can’t wait to send our 5th graders off to middle school with wonderful memories of their last month at Palencia Elementary School!


Thank You!

Your Homeroom Teachers

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Let it BE…Language Arts

We have been busy in Language Arts.  This spring we reviewed the comprehension strategies that readers use to build meaning of text.  Reading is thinking.  We reviewed literature, including poetry, and students took a quiz.  Their results were sent home in the folder or may be viewed on Edmodo.  Either way, check for their score in HAC.  The fourth quarter will fly by, so check HAC frequently to stay informed about grades.

Grammar has been a focus in class.  We are wrapping up final lessons and practices on VERBS.  Students will take a summative assessment on verbs at the end of this week.  They have a study guide in their binders and should complete IXL FF 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.

The Reading FSA is scheduled for May 2 and 3, next Thursday and Friday.  We have talked about how tests are a way to show progress of what they have learned.  We also talked about how tests can open up opportunities in life.  It is our aim to present tests as a positive part of our school life and foster a “can do” attitude.  We study many genres in Language Arts, learning how to read and comprehend their contents.  A test is yet another genre. In order to help students be successful on their tests, we have providing practice opportunities.  This week students are working on a practice Reading FSA that provides examples of both literature and informational passages and question types.  We will count it as a formative grade, as it is a high-quality, comprehensive fifth grade test.  It will be sent home at the end of the week. Please review it with your child and take a few moments to discuss the upcoming FSAs in an encouraging way. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in breakfast items before the writing FSA.  The students truly enjoyed them.  Be on the lookout for future snack sign-ups for upcoming tests.  Thank you for your help!

Lastly, be sure your child continues to read at home on level.  At this point in the year, students should be able to focus on their reading for 30 minutes uninterrupted.

Thank you for all your support!  Let us know if you have any questions.

-Edwards, Gardner, and Hughes

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New Science Unit

Big Idea 14-Organization and Development of Living Organisms


In this unit, students will be using an App called Virtuali-tee.  They will be allowed to bring a smart phone or an ipad into the classroom for a few lessons.  The first lesson will be on April 24th and we will continue to use the App up until the first or second week of May.  If your child has a smartphone or ipad, download the App at home and send them in starting on the 24th.  If you would like to see what we are doing, go to  and you will see the program.  I received a grant for our students that includes the shirts to be shared in class and a 3D printer to print some organs at the end of the unit.  I am so excited about this and I think the kids are really going to enjoy learning all about the human body!


SC.5.L.14.1-  Identify the organs in the human body and describe their functions, including the skin, brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas, muscles and skeleton, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, and sensory organs.

SC.5.L.14.2-Compare and contrast the function of organs and other physical structures of plants and animals, including humans, for example: some animals have skeletons for support — some with internal skeletons others with exoskeletons — while some plants have stems for support.

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Headphones needed 4/15

Fifth grade students will be taking an End-of-Course resource (Art, PE, Music) test on Monday, April 15.  This test requires all students to have a pair of headphones since there will be sound bites embedded in the test.  Please be sure your child has a pair of headphones in school on Monday.

Thank you

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Sea World Field Trip permission slips

Reminder:  Sea World field trip permission slips and money are due this Friday, April 12.

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End-of-the-Year Parent Committee

Parent Committee Now Forming!

         It is time to start planning for special fifth grade end-of-the-year activities!  We are so proud of the students and want to reward them for their hard work in elementary school.  We know you are proud of them, too, and if you have an interest in helping to plan special activities, please join us! We need leaders for events and projects including the fifth grade dance and kickball tournament.  Please don’t hesitate to step up as a leader or co-leader.   If you want to help, but can’t attend the meeting, just let us know and we will add your contact info to the list.

Monday, April 8, 2019 from 3:00 to 3:30 on the Orange Deck

We truly appreciate your help!

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Rising 6th grade Wildcats

Pacetti Bay Middle School OPEN HOUSE

Tuesday March 12, 2019


At 6:00pm parents and students are welcomed to attend PBMS informational orientation that will be help in the auditorium. After, enjoy a tour of the 6th grade house along with a brief presentation by the teachers.


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