Helpful Hints for a Successful 4th Grade Year

Helpful Hints for a Successful 4th Grade Year

  • Students, check your agenda as you pack up each day.  Make sure to bring home any needed materials.
  • Parents, please sign the agenda DAILY.  Important information regarding assignments, tests, and upcoming events will be listed by your student.
  • Please check this website frequently.  Information on school events and assignments can be found here.
  • Practice multiplication and division facts as much as possible.  It is essential your student master these facts in order to progress through the 4th grade math standards.
  • Students should read EVERY day for at least 20 minutes.  Ask your child what he/she is reading.  You may even want to read the same book.  There are many excellent children’s books that appeal to adults as well.
  • Please review your child’s work each day.  I take up most assignments the following day (except tests).  Your child has the opportunity to bring any assignment home to finish or go over it with you.  Learning is a joint effort between home and school.  Your child needs your help to be successful!
  • Communicate any concerns or questions to me.  Email is the best way to reach me, but phone calls and notes are welcome as well.