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Ms. P(Patronska)

6th Grade World History

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”  

-Marcus Garvey

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    Important things to remember:

  • Before every test a study guide goes home to assist your child
  • There is a major project every 9 weeks, this counts as a test grade
  • There is no daily homework in world history only to study for the tests and completing projects

(Reminder students do not bring their notebooks home for fear of being lost, but you have full access to our textbook online.)

We start Imperial China after the holiday break.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

Key Vocab:

1.Neo-Confucianism- a new form of the ideas of the philosopher Confucius; included Buddhist and Daoist beliefs.

2.civil service system- examinations that tested candidates on their knowledge of Confucian writings.

3. porcelain- ceramic made of fine clay baked at high temperatures

4. calligraphy- artistic handwriting

5. census- a count of the number of people in a country