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Below, you will find a link to click for a video that tells you how to add a picture of the “Studio Artwork Option”/ARTWORK, you make to Schoology!

♥♥♥Art Projects: Please choose 1 “Studio Project Option”.

  • ♥♥♥Studio Project Option # 1 : Pet or Human Fashion Design

Please view the mp4 video below: “Pet Clothes”.  Choose 1 of the 4 assignment “options” described in the video to make!  This project is due on 4/13/2020.

Resource: 😸➱Pet Fashion Show


Materials Needed for Sketching Pet and or Human Clothes Design
  • 8 1/” X 11″ Paper (regular copy paper)
  • Markers and/or
  • Crayons and/or
  • Pens
If you want to SEW your projects, you will need:
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Or: Sewing Machine


♥♥♥Studio Project Option #2:  CRIMESTOPPERS Poster Contest!

Resource: 😸➱  CRIME STOPPERS! 

Materials Needed for Crime Stoppers
  • 8 1/” X 11″ Paper (regular copy paper)
  • Markers and/or 
  • Crayons and/or
  • Pens and/or
  • Digital Media

♥♥♥Studio Project Option # 3:  Sketch on on Pixlr!  (Due 4/16/2020)

      TOOLS You Need to Play with to Get a GRRRREAT Grade:

😺 Draw tool 

😺 Pen tool 

😺 Brush tool 

😺 Color Picker tool 

😺 Eraser tool 

😺 Fill tool 

😺 Color Replace tool 

😺 Gradient tool 

😺 Text tool 

😺 Shape tool 

😺 Just play with all the tools and HAVE FUN!




To SAVE your Sketches:  1.  Go to “FILE”, 2. Click “Save”. 3. Under “File name”, name it. 4. Under“File type” pick JPG, 5. Click “DOWNLOAD”. The picture will be saved in your “DOWNLOADS”.

Here’s the path to find where your picture downloaded to:  1) Click “This PC”, 2) Click “Downloads”, and you will find your sketch!

♥♥♥Studio Project Option # 4: Edit a PHOTOGRAPH on on Pixlr! 

(Due 4/19/2020)

*Watch the PIXLR  Video for Beginners : 😸PIXLR for Beginners


TOOLS You Need to Play with to Get a GRRRREAT Grade:

😺 Clone tool 

😺 Blur/Sharpen/Smudge tool 

     😺To use the Blur/Sharpen/Smudge tool you have to select the PROPERTIES at the top, and then hover over your sketch!  

😺 Dodge/Burn Tool 

😺 Heal tool (This makes things like face blemishes disappear!)

😺 Color Picker tool 

😺 Liquefy tool  (This will shrink and stretch faces!) 


🐵To SAVE your Pictures, scroll up a bit and look for : 



♥♥♥Studio Project Option # 5: Dali Museum Surrealism Contest!

(Due: 4/24/2020)

Resource: 😸⤋  


😺This year’s Surrealism Contest Theme:  Humans and TECHNOLOGY!  So if you want to do this as a project option, please stick to the theme!  Use bright colors please!!!  You can do a digital picture as well. :)😺

Materials Needed for Surrealism
  • 8″ X 10″ Paper (You have to measure an 8″ x 10″ rectangle.  Don’t cut it out until you are finished.  You can do a horizontal or vertical format.)
  • Markers and/or 
  • Crayons and/or
  • Pens and/or
  • Digital Media
  • *Submit via Schoology please.

Written Assigment: Jeopardy! : Due 4/13/2020

Play the 1st Jeopardy game. I want you to choose 10 questions for you to be an “expert” on. For all 10 questions I would like you to write a full sentence, with capitals and punctuation, explaining WHY that answer is the BEST ANSWER. In other words, please write a sentence about WHY that answer makes sense.  Give examples please! 🙂
To submit the assignment, write a word doc and submit it via Schoology please.
Click on the links below to play JEOPARDY! 

Gina Partos Jeopardy # 1

Gina Partos’ Jeopardy # 2

Gina Partos’ Jeopardy 3

Gina Partos’ Jeopardy # 4

Gina Partos’ Jeopardy # 5

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