Daily Schedule


8:30 Unpack, Yoga, Attendance, Announcements
8:40 TIDE – Targeted Intervention, Differentiation and Enrichment Centers
9:10 Math
10:28-10:58 Lunch
11:00 Reading – Integrated with Science and Social Studies
12:50 Pack up and snack
1:00-1:20 Recess
1:25 Writing
2:10 Resource
2:50 Dismissal


Wednesdays are early release days and we do not have snack or resource on those days.
Below is the Wednesday schedule.

12:50-1:00 Begin Writing
1:00-1:20 Recess
1:25 Writing Continued
1:45 Pack up
1:50 Dismissal


We have resource classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We are on an eight day rotation and our rotation is below.

Day Resource
A aaaaaa Technology
B Music
C P.E.
D None
E Media
F Art
G P.E.
H None

The days in which we have no assigned resource are used for structured PE activities and/or additional instruction in any of the core subject areas.