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Episode One – Spirit Week

Episode Two – Fall

Episode Three – Thanksgiving

Holiday Episode Four 2016 – Jim Harbin Winner News Category
1st Place in St John’s County

Episode Five 

Jim Harbin – We Are – 2nd Place 

Class Information


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Demonstrate how copyright laws affect your ability to use and reproduce others’ work.

Research, study and advocate the First Amendment.

Apply effective and collaborative team communication and management skills to complete the video process from pre-production scripts development through the production capture of quality video image and audio.

Understand the following digital terms and apply the technique or concept using a digital video camera: storyboarding, cinematic camera angles, lightning, key light, fill light, backlight, background light.

Use a digital video camera to capture images using the following camera techniques and cinematography; rule of thirds, head room, talking space, close-up, medium shot, establishing shot, cut-away, basic shot sequence, tilt pan, and zoom.

Demonstrate knowledge of the three phase production process by creating scripts, formats, storyboards, timelines, and schedules.

Demonstrate ability to properly use and operate the studio and field cameras.

Identify the target audience.

Demonstrate ability to scout locations and prepare location schematics.

Select and execute the proper framing of the video shot; demonstrate ability to create different compositions.

Demonstrate an ability to conduct a thorough and fair interview of a subject.

Capture digital video and edit videos with a standard editing software.

Use and manipulate transitions and effects in editing software.

Publish video work to the web through media-sharing websites and writing reflective blogs.