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Congratulations on having been accepted as a member of the yearbook staff!

I believe this video says it all…
Ms. Pagliughi

Being part of the yearbook staff is a lot like being a member of any team. You will have individual assignments and deadlines to meet, but you will also be working as part of a group. You will be responsible to an editor who is under the adviser’s direction. None of us can accomplish the tremendous task of creating a quality publication without a great deal of dependability, communication, and cooperation. In order to help insure your success in this program, we want to clarify what is expected from a yearbook staffer:


  1. Do good work. Be happy.
  2. Attend all class sessions unless prevented by illness or emergency; you must contact the adviser or an editor when you are absent.
  3. Do not leave the staff room without permission and a pass.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Maintain a staff notebook, which will be kept in class and used ONLY for yearbook materials — handouts, notes, etc. This notebook will be periodically used as part of the grading criteria.
  6. Keep layouts, photos and other yearbook materials in your storage space in the classroom. Materials should only be removed if you are working on them at home, and then only with the adviser’s approval.
  7. Discuss yearbook business with staff members only! Do not reveal cover, theme ideas, feature story ideas, photos, internal affairs, etc. with non-yearbook staff/friends/students.
  8. Ask questions, share ideas, be creative, have fun!


  1. Become a unified, dedicated team who works hard together and has fun together.
  2. Make all staff and publisher deadlines.
  3. Include more people in candid photos and feature stories; exclude staffers and their friends whenever possible.
  4. Keep our staff room clean, organized, and comfortable.
  5. Do your part so that others don’t have to do it for you.

NOTE: The adviser will determine your class grade with input from the editors. We realize that in order to do an outstanding job, all staffers must be properly trained and provided with the time necessary to accomplish their work. If you feel either of these necessary aspects is missing, it is your responsibility to bring that to the attention of the adviser and/or editor so the problem can be remedied as soon as it occurs and well before your scheduled deadline. If you have not done that in a reasonable amount of time, your work will be judged as is.


An “A” student…

  1. Meets ALL final deadlines and mini-deadlines
  2. Produces work that is judged consistently excellent by editors and adviser.
  3. Has an excellent attendance record. This includes: a) no more than two tardies; b) no more than five absences; c) no more than two unexcused absences; d) never leaves class without permission.
  4. Has no complaints from teachers or staff while interviewing/taking pictures.
  5. Shows a positive, cooperative attitude and a willingness to work as a team member. This includes participation in fundraisers, book sales, staff activities, photo assignments, etc.
  6. Keeps all work and materials organized and neat, and maintains an up-to-date staff notebook.

Sandra L. Pagliughi, M.E.T.
ICT1, ICT2, Journalism, and Journalism II
The Pride and The Predator Advisor
Alice B. Landrum Middle School
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida