Class Policies

Class Policies

Tuesday Folders
The Freedom Crossing Falcon Folder you received at orientation will be used as our Tuesday Folder.  This folder will come home every Tuesday and include and tests and assignments from the prior week, these items will be signed and returned in the folder. The other pocket of the folder will contain items you can keep to review. Please send these folders back so that they can be used again for the next Tuesday.  

Parent volunteers are a vital part of a successful school. There are a number of ways to become involved as a parent volunteer. However, in order to volunteer in the classroom, you must submit a volunteer application to PTO. If any family members plan to join us on field trips or special celebrations, they will also need to fill out the volunteer form. Please use this link to find out more information and to fill out the online application:

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate! You are welcome to bring a small treat for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. I ask that if you are going to bring something, please let me know ahead of time so that we can plan for it. Our celebrations are held in the mornings. Please limit treats to reasonable pre-portioned sizes. No cakes or other treats that need to be cut by the teachers.

I love to hear from you and I want to answer all of your questions. I ask that you either write a note or e-mail me. E-mail is always the best way. I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner. You can always schedule a conference with me. I ask that you do not try to conference with me during school hours as it takes away from valuable time with our students. If you have something that I need to know about first thing in the morning, please write a quick note or an email before the start of the school day. Emails sent after the start of the school day may not be read until the end of the day.

Dismissal Change
I understand that there are times when a child’s dismissal situation may change. Please be sure to send in a note of any changes ahead of time. Any changes to the dismissal of your child, after the school day has begun, needs to be called into the front office. The front office will contact the teacher directly. I cannot ensure that I will get an email during the day about a change that will happen that afternoon.
Here is a great form to use for dismissal changes: Dismissal Change

A snack gives students the energy they need to keep working hard all day. Please send in a small healthy snack to school. Students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle for use during the school day.

Classroom Discipline Policy
In my classroom I like to create real world situations.  In the real world a boss does not have a behavior chart in his office for all of his staff.  We will not be using a behavior chart in our classroom.  Instead we will be promoting positive behavior through LiveSchool, this is a program where students can earn points daily and then buy things with our points.  If a student has a rough day, the student and I will have one on one conversations about what is going on and how the day can be changed into a positive one.