Open House, State Assessments, and Standards Information

FSA Writing Reminders from our Testing Coordinator:

  1. All electronics off and in backpacks. If anything is on you, even if it is turned off and not used, your test WILL be in invalidated.
  2. You have 120 minutes to complete the test.
  3. If you’re testing in the afternoon you will take first lunch and return to class.
  4. You will need a pen or a pencil for your planning sheet. Remember, only your response written on the screen will be scored.
  5. Choose whichever background and text color you like but keep in mind you are stuck with it for the duration of the test.
  6. Remember there will be more than one reading passage for the writing test and you will need to scroll to the bottom of the reading passage pane to see all of the texts.


Here is the link to the website concerning the new state assessments:

This website will provide you with information concerning the new state Reading and Writing assessments. Also, there are practice test and tutorials for you to explore.

Additionally, Please visit Cpalms in order to view the new state standards. Students will be keeping track of their understanding of these standards throughout the year.