Shipwrecked STEM Activity

You and your 3 friends were enjoying a nice day out on your sailboat; exploring the Matanzas river and estuaries.  Around 1 p.m. a severe weather system moved in.  The local winds picked up to over 45 knots and the waves in the intercostal were 6 feet high.  Your poor little sailboat’s mast broke and your sail was torn.  You tried to call the Coast Guard for help but your radio suffered water damage.  All of a sudden your boat ran-a-ground, taking in water causing you to abandon ship.  Your team thinks quickly, grabbing as many supplies as you can.


Problem:  You have no idea how long it will be before help arrives and someone finds you.  Everyone’s Cell phones landed in the water and the island that you landed on is deserted.   You and your friends know that you need fresh water to stay alive.

Your task is to design a method to help you.




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