Supply/Wish List

Here is the supply list for my classroom:

2 glue sticks
1 tub disinfecting wipes
1 package baby wipes
1 set of headphones
1 vinyl nap mat (about 19×45, Walmart & Amazon have them)

Daily snack or package of snacks to keep at school.  I send home a gallon-size baggie with their name on it that you can fill up with snacks. When it’s empty, I send it home for a refill.

Child’s backpack big enough to carry a folder, small blanket, and/or lunchbox.

Small blanket or beach towel for rest time.  Remember, think small 🙂 .  Blankets are sent home every Friday to be washed. One small stuffed animal may also be brought in, no sounds or lights.

Change of clothes in case of accidents or spills; include summer and winter clothes, socks, and underwear.

Pullups/wipes if potty training.

I also use SignUp Genius for any supplies that might come up during the year. We use these supplies for our science lab, activities, crafts, and centers.  Here is the link:

See you soon! Miss Lissa