Notes for Unit 6 – Forms of Energy Test

Science Notes Unit 6 Forms of Energy
Know that:

1. Objects will attract if they are oppositely charged

2. Rubbing something with a wool cloth will give it a ______________________ charge

3. What form of energy is used by a solar oven?

4. What kind of day is the best to put something outside to dry

5. The three particles in an atom (proton, neutron and electron) have charges. Know what those charges are

6. Know how the charge of an atom changes because of gaining or losing electrons

7. Know why items stick to each other in a dryer

8. Know what kind of materials electric currents travel through


and what they are called ____________________________________________________

9. Know the difference between a conductor and an insulator

10. Know how the number of coils affects the strength of an electromagnet

11. How we use the transformation of electrical energy to the energy of motion. Give examples

12. Give examples of potential energy. (especially an object in a high position… which could fall)

13. What is the energy transformation when food is cooked in an oven….

14. _________________________________________ to ________________________________________

15. How/ When does a spring action toy have potential and kinetic energy?

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