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Assignments by Month

August 2020
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Links
M-TH Week of:
Math  Pages (nightly)
M-F Week of:
Vocabulary-Study your words nightly!!
Voc. Tests are on-Thursday’s
Reading :
Social Studies-
Tests for the week of :
Reading- Wed.- Cold Read!!
Social Studies-N/A

Other :  Information:  Behavior Sheet Insert– Please initial daily below the day of the week.  At the end of the week, please sign off on it at the bottom and return it on Monday with your child. Please place this sheet in the front of your child’s Planner Binder each week.Website Updates: My website will be updated every Friday for the next up-coming week.Vocabulary-All vocabulary words will be sent with your child on Friday’s for next and upcoming week. It is imperative that they study nightly. Vocabulary will consist of eight to ten words weekly. Please study the definition of each and be able to use it in a complete sentence using “Context Clues” telling the meaning of the word.All tests will consist of 5-8 fill in the blanks each week along with students writing sentences using the word with context clues. Spelling and punctuation counts for points!!!

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September 2020
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Links
Khan Academy-Start working in at your leisure. Assignments coming soon!! Pick one night a week for your child! 10-15 minutes. No more than that! M-T-W-TH-F
M-Fri. Week of : 9/28
Math WB Pages : Mon. 3-3 Tues. 3-4 Wed. 3-5! Thur. 3-6 Fri. 3-7



M-F Week of :9/28

In class Material we are working on!!

Reading-(Finish) Famous First Ladies! Skill-Ask and answer Questions about Text!! (Reading Informational)
Science: Cont. Unit 1 Investigating Questions Pgs.3-54
Social Studies(:Cont.) Mapping Skills/Southeast Region/ (Finish) /  ( Cont. Continents and Oceans!

Tests for the week of: 9/28
Reading– Wed. Comp. Test on Famous First Ladies!!  Thur. Cold Read! These will count as Summative grades from here on out.  (Weighted Heavier)The first two were counted as formative’ s !
S. Studies-Tue. Mapping Project Due! Science- Unit 1 Quiz

Notes: Please make sure your child is reviewing their vocabulary words nightly along with reading 20 minutes. In addition, please have your child  study his or her multiplication facts 0-12’s. It is a must!! Khan Academy lessons online will be coming soon. Students may login and work on our standards at there own pace for now.


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October 2020
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Links
M-Th Week of:10/12
Math Worksheet !: Mon. 8-5 Tues. 8-6 Wed .8-7 Thur.8-8  Fri.
M-F Week of :10/12
Vocabulary-study your words!!
Tests’ on Thursday’s!!!
Reading: Finish Morty and the Teachers Apple
Science-(Start) Unit 4 Properties of Matter!!
Social Studies-(Finish) Southwest Packet!

Test for the week of: 10/12/20
Math – N/A
Reading – Wed.-Comp.Test/Morty and The Teachers Apples
Science -Wed. Unit 4 Lesson 1 Quiz
Social Studies-Fri. Southwest Take Home Test Given. It will be due back on Monday!!

Notes: Please make sure your child is mastering their multiplication facts for 0-10’s!!! / Reading Nightly!!/


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November 2020
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Link
 M-F Khan Academy Lessons!! Work on!! Time/Fractions!
M-TH Week of: 11/30
Math Worksheet- Mon. 14-6  Tue. 14-7  Wed. 14-8  Thur. Review Page -Even Fri. Review Page-Odd! Daily
 Week of: 11/30
Vocabulary-Study Your Words Nightly!!
Reading: Paperback-Holiday’s Around The World
Science-Unit 7 Plants and The Environment!!
Social Studies Cont.- Midwest Packet!!

Tests The Week of: 11/30
Reading- TBA-Cold Read
Math-Fri- Fluency- Mult. Facts Mixed
Science-TBA-Lesson 2/3 Quiz
Social Studies-Thur. Midwest Take Home Test Given

Notes: Master those facts and work on your Khan Academy Lessons for Time and Fractions. They are great review for students!!

   Tests on Thursday’s


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December 2020
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Link
M-F Khan Academy-Work on your assigned lessons!!
M-TH Week of: 12/14
Math Worksheet –    Mon. 4-5   Tues. . 4-6 1-4  Wed. 4-7.   Thur. N/A  Fri. -N/A
M-F Week of: 12/14
Vocabulary-Study Your Words Nightly!! n/a this week!!
Reading-(Finish) Holiday’s Around the World!! (Paperback)
Science: (Start) Unit 8
Social Studies:( Start)Mapping Skills Northeast Region/Packet
Tests on Thursday’s
Tests for the week of : 12/14
Vocabulary-N/A THIS WEEK!
Reading-– Wed. Comp. Test- Holiday’s Around The World!
Math-Tue.-Quiz on telling time. Students read the hands on a clock and write the time down.
Science-Unit 7 Take home test due back on Mon.
Social Studies-Study your Northeast Map over break. We will test on it when we return in January.
Notes! Master those facts and make sure your child is using Khan Academy as much as possible.

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January 2021
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due L
M-Fri. Week of 1/25
Math Worksheet Page: Mon. 5-2  Tue. Review Pages  Odd Wed. Review Pg. Even Thur.  Unit 8 Test!  Fri.  N/A .
1/25 Vocabulary-STUDY YOUR WORDS!!
 Reading-Finish. Poetry, Prose, and Drama!! Finish)) Paperback Book- A Dogs Tail!
Science-(Start ) Unit 9!! Living Things Change! Pgs. 331-368
Social Studies-Study United States Map!! Start Economics Packet!!
Tests for the week of : 1/25
Science-Thur. Unit 8Take Home Test Given. It will be due back on Monday 1/25!!
Reading -Mon.Comp.Test A Dogs Tail! From Friday!!
Social Studies-Study Your United States Map!! Quiz TBA!

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February 2021
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Li
M- F  2/22
Math WB   Mon. N/A Tues. 13-2 Wed.  13-3  Thur. 13-7  Test!  Fri. Review Daily
M-TH  Week of : 2/22


Vocabulary-Study your words Nightly!! Science words this week!! For Science grade!

Tests on Thursday’s

Reading-(Cont))  White Paperback Book-The Backpack Tax!/Skills-Point of View!
Science:  (Cont) Unit 3 Earth and Stars!! Pgs.97-134!
Social Studies:(Cont.) Economics Packet!!

Tests this week: 2/22
Math -Tue. Quiz!Topic 13 Lessons 1/2//7
Reading-Wed. Cold Read-TBA
Science-Thur-Voc. Test!/Project information being sent Monday 2/22!
Social Studies-N/A
Notes: Master those facts/Read Nightly!/ Use Khan Academy as much as possible!

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March 2021
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Links
M-TH Week of: 3/29-4/2
Math WB Pages : Mon Rev. Sheet Even Only Tues. Unit Test!!  Wed. 5-3  Thur. 5-4  Fri. N/A Work in your FSA Practice Packet!



 Week of: 3/29-4/2
  Vocabulary-Study your Words!!!
Tests on Thursday’s!!!!
Reading: Paperback book -Laura Ingalls Wilder (Finish)
Science: (Cont.) Unit 5 Forms of Energy!
Social Studies- Share Projects/Start Gov. Packet!
Test for the Week of: 3/29-4/2!
Reading-Laura Ingalls W.
Math-Tue. Unit 13 Test!
Science  Mon.-Unit 5 Voc. Words!!
Social Studies-Tue. Landmark Projects Due!
Notes: Work on those facts PLEASE!!!FSA-READING April 19/20th!!

FSA-MATH May 10/11th!


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April 2021
Date Assignment
M-TH Week of : 4/12-4/16
Math Worksheet Review! : Mon. Rev Sheet. Tues. Rev. Sheet   Wed. Rev. Sheet   Thurs. Rev. Sheet   Fri.  N/A Daily
M-TH Week of: 4/12-4/16
Vocabulary: Study your words!!
Reading:  (Paperback Book!!)   Skills /FSA Review /Practice Test!
S. Studies:(Cont.) Government Packet!
Science:  Cont.   Unit 5 Forms of Energy!!!

Tests this week are: 4/12-4/16
Reading-Cold Read-TBA!!
Math-Fluency- TBA/ Mixed Mult.
Science-Tue. Unit 5  Lesson 1 Quiz!
Social Studies-N/A
Notes: Master those facts!!/  FSA Reading Test is April 19th/20th!!

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May 2021
Date Assigned Assignment Date Due Links
M-F  Week of:
Math : :Mon.   Tue.   Wed   Thur.   Fri.
M-F Week of :





Social Studies:
Tests this week:

Last Day of School: May 24th!!