August 22

Hello Families!

We are really starting to hit our stride this week. We have started strong by establishing the kind of classroom we want and the kind of relationships we will build to make learning happen for everyone. I am thrilled by the maturity and willingness to work together to accomplish goals already. It’s this type of learning environment that will allow us to go far and have a great year of growth! A teacher’s dream!

In language arts, students are studying key ideas and details in informational texts. Last week we practiced finding main ideas and supporting details. This week we are learning about how to find cause and effect relationships in historical texts. Students are asking the questions “What happened?” and “Why did it happen?” to find those relationships. We kicked of our vocabulary instruction this week. Our words are: temporary, eager, capable, proceed, and generous. We have a quiz every other week on 10 words.

In math, we are studying place value. Students are working to master place value relationships, number forms, values of digits in certain positions and more.

In science, we are learning about the nature of science and scientific thinking/processes. This is a very hands on part of the scientific process as students learn to collaborate, share ideas, think of prior knowledge, question, and learn from failures.

In social studies, our first unit is on the geography and early native peoples of Florida.

Read aloud is Loser by Jerry Spinelli. This book lends itself perfectly to social-emotional learning and discussions. We talk about empathy, acceptance, and relating to one another through this powerful story.

I would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to all of you who made contributions to the class fund over the past week. Your generosity was overwhelming and I felt very encouraged by your willingness to be a part of our classroom learning. You are wonderful, just like your kids!

Take care,

Mrs. M

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