January 18

Hello Families!

I hope your 2019 is off to a great start! The kids are definitely back into the groove of learning, and I am so impressed with the growth that they are making! We concluded our IReady Winter Diagnostics for reading and math. I was pleased at the results. I am seeing their efforts pay off, and we are celebrating the successes as we keep our eyes focused on the goals set at the year’s beginning. To see kids take ownership of their learning and become independent learners are just two of my main goals as your child’s teacher. I can see them doing both, and it’s just wonderful. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Reading: We’ve been learning about craft and structure of informational texts. So far, we’ve reviewed how to determine meanings of unfamiliar words, and this week we practice the text structures of cause-effect and compare-contrast. The great connection has been to our writing, which we just happened to be focusing on organization at the same time. For the kids to see the connection between reading and writing is really a huge next step for them as learners. What we write about and how we do it really express what we know better than anything (please don’t let me have any typos in this!). 🙂 Students have also been learning about coordinating and subordinate conjunctions.

Writing: As I mentioned, we’ve been learning about organization in writing. Students learned about crafting good leads and endings. They also practiced with several organizational patterns in their writing. Now we’re on to writing with voice. This can best be described as the “energy” a writer brings to his or her writing. It’s a lot of fun to practice and listen for in the books we’re reading. This is also something great to talk about with your child at home. Talk with them about the voice the author or characters have in the books they’re reading right now.

Math: We are finally wrapping up fractions. Next we will move into decimals. The kids are really into Prodigy right now, and I have to encourage this at home, too. It’s just a great program — highly engaging, adaptive, and fun!

Science: We are moving into earth and space science. Students explored star patterns and how they appear to move across the sky. We are learning about the earth’s rotation and revolution and the patterns created by the earth’s movements.

Social Studies: We are reading The Adventures of Charlie Pierce The American Jungle by Harvey Oyer. These are books Harvey Oyer based on reading his great grand-uncle Charles Pierce’s journals. Charles Pierce’s family was one of the first pioneer families to settle in South Florida, and his journals (which he kept his entire life) provide a rich history of Florida in an adventurous and exciting story. The kids are really enjoying learning about history in this way!

Have a great long weekend!

Mrs. M

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