November 8

Hello Families!

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? This time of year always flies by too fast. I hope you all can find some time to enjoy traditions and making memories in the days and weeks ahead. Next week we have a very special holiday, Veterans Day, to rest and reflect on the service men and women who work so hard and sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms. We have here at R.B. Hunt, our Wall of Honor. You are invited to send in a picture (no originals please) of a family member who has served or is currently serving our country. More information is in this week’s Hunt’s Catch-Up. My dad is up there as he served in the Navy before I was born. Let’s celebrate these special people.

This week, I’m starting to check in on AR goal progress weekly with the students. Reading is such an important habit to develop and affects our students’ lives for years to come. I’m hoping that more frequent formal check-ins will help to encourage accountability and develop a love of reading for my hesitant readers. I also taught the kids how to check their grades using HAC. A form came home on Wednesday, November 7th, with their current averages as well as any missing assignments, and their current AR goal progress. Thank you for signing those and returning them. The kids responded very well to the process, many saying they felt good knowing where they stood. I am hopeful that this process will develop independence and personal accountability as well as an understanding of how effort affects progress and growth.

Here’s what we’re working on this week in class:

Reading: Our current read aloud is Maniac Magee. The kids are really enjoying the adventures the character is having as well as the wonderful writing of author Jerry Spinelli. Our current unit of study is Key Ideas and Details in Literature. Our focus this week is determining theme. This is definitely a thinking and connecting skill as students have to read into the story to figure out the moral or lesson of the story. Discussions at home can certainly foster this. I encourage you to pick up a book of fables (we discussed Aesop) to share as a family. These are usually treasured stories that lead to teachable moments and great conversations.

Writing: I set out with one goal for the first nine weeks, and that was to develop interest in writing. So many kids have gotten on board and I loved hearing comments like, “I never knew this was what writing could be like,” or “I thought I hated writing, but I’m finding out that it’s really kind of fun.” Now we can get a bit more down to the business of developing writing proficiency. Thank you for your support with the essays of the week. The only way to become better at anything (including writing) is through frequent practice. We couldn’t have gotten here without your help.

Math: Fractions are the name of the game for the next few weeks. Students have learned how to decompose fractions into a sum of unit fractions and how to represent those addition equations as multiplication equations. We use lots of models to make the concepts more concrete before we move into the more abstract. Next we will begin working on equivalence of fractions through multiplication and division.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our study of Spanish explorers of Florida.

Science: Force and motion is our current area of study. We’ve done some investigation of motion, position and direction. We’re reading about the different ways objects can move and the forces behind motion. Students will have opportunities to get hands on as they develop understanding of these physical science processes.

Thank you and have a great week!

Mrs. M

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