Hello Families,

I can’t believe the first quarter ends this week! We’ve accomplished a lot since school started, including creating a positive classroom community. I’m so glad I have caring, helpful, and involved parents like you on my team. Your children are a testament to you and show how much you value education. HoPS was great fun, and I really enjoyed seeing the kids work together, put their brains to work, and laugh through mistakes and triumphs. Thank you to the volunteers who came to keep score, Ms. Gitalado and Mrs. LaGuardia. We are wrapping up the quarter and soon the students will be reflecting upon their first leg of fourth grade. It’s important to stop and reflect when on a long journey, and I look forward to talking with the kids about how they’re progressing and what they are learning about themselves.

Here’s what we’re doing this week:

Reading: We will wrap up our shared read aloud, The Cay , by Theodore Taylor. The kids have really enjoyed this adventurous survival and friendship book, and I know it’s sure to become a favorite for the year. We are also wrapping up our study of informational texts this week as the kids show what they learned on their interim assessment. After that, we will read an article, “Saving America’s Wolves,” in our Story Works magazine.

Writing: Wow! Writing is really taking off in our room! Last week we started writing a historical narrative journal entry from the perspective of Harry Maxson, a real young man who survived the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. The focus was adding descriptive details, and the creativity and enthusiasm have been inspiring. This week, the kids will finish publishing the stories, and many have elected to enter them into the magazine’s writing contest! Yippee!

Math: We are moving along great through our “Numbers in Base Ten” standards, as the kids work on division. This is typically a challenging topic as division is most similar to subtraction, and is the opposite of multiplication. Lots of practice will be taking place to help them master these skills. Please do not teach the kids the “standard algorithm” we all grew up with. I have found, after years of teaching, that it seems to confuse them more. They will be taught that method in the coming two years.

Science: This week we finish up our study of the properties of matter. Magnetism will be our focus this week, and the kids will be doing a design and engineering project involving magnetism. We will be reviewing all we’ve learned and will take a test on the topic this week.

Social Studies: We are learning about Native Americans in Florida this week. I’m also giving the kids a study guide to help prepare them for the test on Chapter 1, which is scheduled for this coming Friday.

Have a great week!

Mrs. M

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