October 31

Hello Families!

It was so great seeing you at the Parade of Characters and at the Fall Festival last week! Thank you to our room parents, Doug Gibson, Katie Crevasse, and Caroline Mason for helping get the booth set up and manned with volunteers. Thank you to those who volunteered to paint nails during the festival, as well. You are the best! This week we have the Book Fair, and your children can bring money any day to purchase books. Report cards went home today. Please sign the envelope and return it to school with your child. There was an error in one of my latest weekly updates. The due date for the first book report is November 13th, not November 7th. Sorry about that! Field trip money and forms are due for the Lighthouse field trip by November 8th.

Here’s what’s happening in our room:

Science: The students are learning about natural resources. The main goal for this unit of study is to recognize that humans need resources found on Earth, and that resources can be both renewable and nonrenewable. We had homework this week involving looking for natural resources in and around the home.

Math: We have entered the world of division, and it’s going well so far. All the work students did with learning their multiplication facts will help them with this often-difficult unit of study. A lot of the ways students learn to divide these days is frustrating to parents, so I try to avoid sending homework that isn’t pretty cut and dry. Feel free to have your child practice his or her basic division facts, though.

Reading/Language Arts: We wrapped up book clubs last week, and I have to say that the class did a good job on reading the pages they were supposed to, having good conversations, and completing a few tasks with their teams. We’ll have to do those again soon. We have nearly wrapped up our unit of study on informational texts, and will delve into stories next. Students are enjoying reading about Christian the lion in our Story Works magazine, and we’re doing some fun Halloween and Day of the Dead activities.

Social Studies: Exploration is our next area of study. Students will learn about reasons for exploration and about European explorers who relate to Florida history.

Take care!

Mrs. M

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