Resource Schedule

Mrs. Markle’s Resource Schedule


A Day: P.E.

Get active! Take a brisk walk. Search YouTube for kids exercise video. Practice gross motor skills such as hopping, jumping, skipping, crab walking, hand eye coordination, ride a bike.

B Day: Art

Get Creative! Draw, paint, color, cut, glue, create. This is a great time to practice proper scissor grip and cutting skills.

C Day: Technology

Use this time to practice computer skills such at using a mouse and keyboard (not just a touch screen). Type a message to the teacher or even your sight words in WordPad. Practice using a mouse to double-click, draw and drop, highlight, teach them how to adjust the volume, minimize/maximize screens.

D Day: No Resource

These are the days that we would have guest lessons. Listen to a story read by a celebrity. Here is a link to a friend of mine who is the media specialist at another school in the county. Read With Mr. O  Read a story to teach/discuss social skills.

E Day: Music

Listen to music and draw a picture to go with it. Discuss how it makes you feel. Make your own instruments using household items. Listen for the beat/rhythm in songs and clap or stomp along with it. This is a difficult skill that takes a lot of coordination.

F Day: P.E.

G Day: No Resource