Math Vocabulary We’re Using

Please help your child use and understand these terms.

add – find the sum of two or more numbers; find how many in all

addends – numbers that are added to form a sum

addition sentence – a number sentence (equation) where one number is added to another

a.m. – the time from midnight to one minute before noon

compare – to describe whether amounts or sizes are equal to, less than, or greater than each other

difference – the answer to a subtraction problem

doubles plus one – EXAMPLE: Use doubles fact 5+5=10 to quickly solve 5+6=11.

doubles minus one – EXAMPLE:  Use doubles fact 7+7=14 to quickly solve 7+6=13.

fewer – smaller quantity or amount

greater than – (>) having a value that is more than another

is equal to (=) is a number or amount that is the same as another

less than (<) having a value or quantity that is not as much as another

minus – a symbol that shows subtraction

order – sequence or arrangement of things

plus (+) added to

place value = the value given to a digit in a number based on it’s position in the number.  (Ex. 45 = 4 tens and 5 ones.)

p.m. – the time from noon to one minute before midnight

subtract – to take away objects from a group

subtraction sentence – a number sentence where one number is subtracted from another

sum – the answer to an addition problem

zero – a number that does not change the number it is added to; a whole number that means none





add                      altogether                   both                             in all

sum                     total                             raise                           sum

plus                     together                       combine                     join

increase              in all                             How many?  




difference               fewer                   left                  used

minus                  subtract                  lost                         

ate                       flew away                 hopped away

How much more?                              How many are left?

How many more?