Update 5/1

Below are some updates about our class:


Reading/Social Studies – We will finished our last novel study this week.    The next couple weeks will be dedicated to our next DBQ.    We will be focusing on Henry Flagler and his accomplishments.


Math – For the next couple weeks we will be doing a final review of our fourth grade skills. We started our next review topic – Geometry.   This covers three main topics:  Angles, Area/Perimeter, and Units of Measurement.     We will work on this for the next couple weeks.


Science – We will let our butterflies go today.    Next topic is how animals interact with their environment.    Our lab for this is dissecting owl pellets.    It tends to be a favorite and I am excited to do it next week.


Current Events – Our last current events was April.   So there are no more due this year!


Upcoming Dates:

May 14th – Kennedy

May 19th – Night of the Arts

May 25th – Student Holiday

May 27th – Music Performance

June 4th – Last Day of School


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