Update 4/18

Below are some updates about our class:

BIG THANK YOU for getting all your Kennedy forms and parent input forms returned this week and last!
Can you believe we are half way through our last quarter!   This year is just flying by too fast!    Interims will be posted on Monday!
Reading – We will move on to the second half of our City of Ember unit this week.        In addition to our novel study, we will be focusing on the reading skill of inference, but will also look at details of the text and how they build comprehension.
Math – For the next couple weeks we will be doing a final review of our fourth grade skills. We started our next review unit on Thursday.    We are focusing on fractions with skills to include:  equivalent fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, and multiplying fractions.     We will test on this topic on Friday.
Science – We just concluded our first experiment this quarter.    I loved the enthusiasm for going beyond the basic experiment.     Our students really “made it their own”.    We learned not only about the plant life cycle, but a hearty dose of the scientific process.    I was so excited to hear their conclusions that they were able to come up with on Friday to analyze the different plant growth we experienced.    We just adopted our caterpillars on Thursday.     We are now anxiously awaiting their development.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
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