General Information


Homework is meant to reinforce what we are working on in class. It includes reading for at least 10 minutes every day, a literacy menu and a math sheet. Homework will be handed out on Monday and is due on Friday.  

2nd Grade Literacy Menu Homework Quarter 4

Q4 W1 Homework 2020








If you would like your child to have a snack, please feel free to send it in.  We have an early lunch, so there will be snack time in the afternoon.  





Please let your child’s teacher know when/if you’d like to send in treats for your child’s birthday.  Please make sure they are store bought, the same size/color for everyone in class and something small such as munchkins, muffins or cookies.  Thank you!

Tuesday folders

Tuesday folders are sent home on Tuesdays with important information from the district or school.  Please return those to school as soon as possible.  


Graded Papers

Please review assessments with your child and sign and return as soon as possible.  We keep the assessments at school.  



Home Access Center – this is where you will be able to see your child’s grades. 


Please remember if you’re having lunch with your child in the lunchroom, you may only eat with your child.  In addtiion, you will need to sit at the parent tables in the middle row that are labeled as such.  Please don’t take pictures.