Daily Schedule

** T.I.D.E stands for Targeted Intervention, Differentiation, Enrichment. It is the time of our day when I pull small groups based off of individual student needs.

** Teacher led P.E. is based off FL Statue 1003.455 which allots 150 minutes a week to physical education for all K-5 students. We have P.E. once a week for 36 minutes, so the other 114 minutes we do in the classroom. With the weather being too warm to play outside, we have been using computer programs called Adventure to Fitness and Cosmic Yoga to help us meet our weekly requirement.

If you are interested in leading a P.E. session please let me know! I was thinking parents/helpers could come in and teach some basic exercises to the kids. Maybe talk about different exercises for different muscle groups, something along those lines! I’m open to suggestions!