Class Behavior System: Class Dojo

Classroom behavior is a big part of your child’s success in school.  Students only learn if they are engaged, and being engaged means following the rules, staying on task, and putting their hearts into learning!  Students in our class will learn that they are responsible for their learning and they need to protect this time both for themselves and their friends.

I use Classroom Dojo to track student behavior. It has a website (or app) you can use to stay up to date with your child throughout the day. Not only with their behavior, but we can share pictures and I can send updates as well.

When giving and taking away points, I try to keep in mind that the children are six and they are going to need extra reminders. I try to focus on the good and hand out mostly positive points. If your child gets a negative point it would be after several reminders and chances to fix their behavior.

An average amount of Dojo points per day is usually 1-3. Some days we are so incredibly busy that I can’t even find the time to pick up the iPad and hand out points but I try to make up for this at the end of the day!