The St Johns Middle School Athletic Association (“SJMSAA”) middle school sports program is not operated or sponsored by the St Johns County School District. SJMSAA is an independent, private non-profit corporation, which uses District middle school names and facilities under a license agreement with the District, and which is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports program

St. Johns Middle School Athletic Association

Registration is now open for Spring Sports offered through SJMSAA. Please visit the website to register ( If you have questions please contact GRMS SJMSAA Athletic Director: [email protected]

Saint Johns Middle School Athletic Association

Gamble Rogers Middle School

2020 Softball Schedule

 DATE     PARK                   FIELD     HOME TEAM                    AWAY TEAM

2-Mar   ABERDEEN          2            PACETTI BAY BLUE          GAMBLE

3-Mar   TREATY               3            GAMBLE                            PATRIOT OAKS

10-Mar ABERDEEN          2            FRUIT COVE                      GAMBLE

12-Mar TREATY               1            MURRAY                           GAMBLE

23-Mar ABERDEEN          4            GAMBLE                            SWISS

26-Mar TREATY               1            GAMBLE                            MURRAY

30-Mar DAVIS                  1            GAMBLE                            LANDRUM

2-Apr    ABERDEEN         3            PATRIOT OAKS                 GAMBLE

6-Apr    ABERDEEN          2            SWISS                                GAMBLE

14-Apr DAVIS                  1            LANDRUM                        GAMBLE

16-Apr TREATY               1            GAMBLE                            PACETTI BAY BLUE

20-Apr ABERDEEN          3            GAMBLE                            FRUIT COVE



2020 Football Announcements: Schedule for Field Days and Tryouts

 Field Days start on February 12. 

-Field day will be from 5:00pm-6:15pm at Gamble Rogers Middle School. 

-Field Days will take place every Wednesday until Tryouts (2/122/192/26, 3/ 4, 3/11)

-Field day consists of drills to get ready for football tryouts in March. 

-We are inviting all players interested in trying out for the 2020 football team.

-Current 8th graders are also invited to attend so that they can get ready for high school. 

-Current 5th graders are encouraged to attend.

-Field days are not mandatory but encouraged to prepare your child for football tryouts. 

-Contact me with any questions at m_potak

Tryout Registration is Open! 2020 Gamble Rogers Football Tryout Schedule

Monday, March 23:

-Study Hall 2-3pm 

-Tryout Day One: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Tuesday, March 24:

-Study Hall 2-3pm

-Tryout Day Two: 3:00-5:00pm (First Cuts announced)

Wednesday, March 25

Tryout Day Three: 5:00-6:30pm

Thursday, March 26

Study Hall 2-3pm 

-Tryout Day Four: 3:00-5:00pm

 (Team announced)

You must register to tryout at (25 dollars to register)

-Register ASAP (we cap registration at 50 kids)

-Tryouts are mandatory, even if players were on the team last season. 

-GRMS students can stay after school for study hall on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday they must go home after school and return for 5:00 practice. 

-Current Elementary school students that are attending GRMS, in the fall, are invited and encouraged to tryout. In the past we have had several sixth graders start on the GRMS football team. 

-Current elementary school students can attend tryouts from 4:00-5:15pm because of their school schedule. If you need to adjust this time please contact me. 

-Wear Cleats and athletic clothing to tryouts 

-If your child is playing a spring or winter sport (Basketball, baseball, lacrosse) we can help adjust his tryout schedule, please contact me through email. 

-Spread the word to anyone interested 

Please contact coach Potak with any questions about the tryout process. 

Email: [email protected] 


Parent meeting on Monday March 9th at 6:30.  Tryouts: Monday March 23rd, Wednesday March 25th (both 2-5:30) and Friday 4-5:30.