3-D Studio Art Level 1



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3-D Studio Art 1:  sculpture

Course Description:  This course is an entry level studio art course. The study of 3-dimensional design theory, art criticism, art history, aesthetics and studio production will be addressed. Students will learn the basics of 3-dimensional art through the use of various techniques and use of an assortment of materials incorporating the principles of art and elements of design.

Supplies needed:    

  • Un-Lined, Spiral sketchbook, Approximate size 8½ x11   
  • Pencils-#2 or drawing pencils
  • $20.00 studio lab fee. This fee goes towards plaster, clay, glazes and materials used for every project. (checks made out to CHS).
  • 1- plastic folder: 2 pockets with prongs – any color.
  • Optional items that are needed – colored pencils, hand lotion, a box of tissues, small plastic trash bags to wrap up clay projects.

***All supplies should be labeled and brought to or kept in class EVERYDAY****

Media: During this course students will be using a variety of media including:                                  

  • Paper/Poster board/Cardboard
  • Paper maché                                                             
  • Clay
  • Found Objects          
  • Plaster
  • Wire
  • Mosaics
  • Pencil
  • Chalk pastels
  • Underglaze and Glaze
  • Paint


Grades: Students will receive grades for:

  • Vocabulary quizzes
  • Handouts/Worksheets
  • Research on artists and types of art
  • Projects (see rubric on my class website)
  • Weekly Sketchbook assignments
  • Maintaining Art Notebook
  • Participation: daily work ethic, critiques, group work, studio maintenance
  • Art History assignments: reading/writing/analyzing works of art
  • Critiques (written and verbal)
  • Cultural visit –museum visit or approved art event
  • Wednesday writing across the curriculum assignments
  • Midterm and final exams  

Art Class Rules

A messy or dirty studio is an unhealthy environment.



3. Clean up sinks, tables, countertops, the floor and all tools you have used.

4. Return all glaze and paint to their original container.

5. Clean any paint brushes you have used and return to the original container—brush/tip up.

6. Clean up any spill immediately.

7. There will be no talking during any school announcements or school news.

8. Put your work on your designated shelf only, once you are done working.

9. Recycle all unpainted, unfired clay scraps.

10. Do not throw any clay or supplies—if you are caught doing so, you will not be allowed to use material for 2 weeks.

11. Do not ever touch anyone else’s art work (this includes from kiln room, storage room and display tables).

12. Anyone caught taking or ruining any artwork will receive an immediate referral to the Deans.

13. You must put your name on ALL pieces of art you create. No name = no grade.

14. You are responsible to provide a bag and wrap up any clay project you are working on.

15. Shake off tables cloths outside at the end of class and return neatly to the table.

16. You are only allowed to go into the storage room to retrieve and put away your artwork—do not touch ANYTHING else.

17. You must always be working on something pertaining to this class—no outside class work will be permitted (you don’t work on your sculptures during math class so don’t do math work during your art class).

18. Work will stay on the display table for 1 day after it comes out of the kiln.—work left unattended will be discarded.

19. No students will be allowed into the Art room outside of their scheduled class time without prior approval and a pass signed by their current period’s teacher. Please do not bring any friends into class with you during instructional time.

20. Stay in your seat until the bell rings—no lining up at the door early.

21. . ESE & ELL accommodations will be addressed within the classroom.

22. Cell Phones are not allowed at any time in class.

23. Tardies: 1st tardy=warning, 2nd Tardy=call home, 3rd tardy= referral to the Dean.

24. Have fun and please see me with any problems or concerns.