Recorders for 3rd grade students!

Patriot Oaks Academy 3rd Grade Students


We will be using recorders in Music Class!

Green, clear, orange, yellow

 Blue, pink, purple, red

$3.00 EACH

They are Lyons Recorders, which are 3-piece, translucent, soprano recorders. They come with a plastic case and a cleaning rod.

They are available in 8 vibrant colors. I recommend buying 2!

1 will stay in the music room.

Please fill out this form and return to me or your classroom teacher  by Friday, Sept. 7, 2018



Classroom Teacher_______________________________________

  • Color_____________________How many? _______________
  • Color_____________________ How many?_______________

Total Amount Enclosed   $______________________________

NO COINS! CHECKS made out to POA are preferred!