A Pirate’s Twelve Days of Christmas!

Today is officially the sixth day of Christmas!!  I meant to send this on the FIRST day of Christmas which is December 25, but was at my parents’ farm that has minimal Wi-Fi, so I needed to wait until I returned home so here it is…. the 12 Days of Christmas… PIRATE STYLE!! All art work was also drawn by the crew!!  Mrs. Kim, our music teacher, was so kind to let us hang out in her room to record this!!  Enjoy the song here:  https://vimeo.com/381929821First Day- A Parrot in a Palm Tree

Second Day- Two Cutlasses

Third Day- Three Black CatsFourth Day- Four Cacklin’ hensFifth Day- Five CHESTS of GOLD!

Sixth Day- Six Jolly Rogers

Seventh Day- Seven Monkeys Swingin’

Eighth Day- Eight Dolphins Swimmin’

Ninth Day- Nine Mermaids Singin’

Tenth Day- Ten Sloops a Sailin’

Eleventh Day- Eleven Swallows Swoopin’ Twelfth Day- Twelve Pirates Cheerin’

Enjoy the last six days of Christmas!! Aarrrrrgh!


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