Immigration Day

Immigration Day was filled with SO much learning about America.  Here are some pictures of our adventures! This was the crew with all their luggage “packed” and ready to go to America!!The crew heard about Mrs. Patterson’s family immigrating to America coming through Ellis Island.  Mrs. Fuata taught them a song!! There is the STATUE of LIBERTY!!The Medical Room for a check up was our first stop!! By the time we reached the information room the line was LONG!! The interview room was where they answered questions about themselves and their family! Passports were important to carry ALL day long!Our last check in was the baggage room where we had to write about the items we wanted to bring to America and get our baggage stamp of approval! We had a final stop with Mrs. Jarrell where we said the oath of allegiance and were then welcomed to America!! We then got to celebrate with red, white, and blue Popsicles!!  We had a Pirate Grandpa share his experience of coming to America through Ellis Island as a child. He shared his experience with the crew and even gave them their own American Flag!! Each pirate shared their own family history throughout the week!!  We loved learning about each other!! 🙂 Each pirate also shared the items they brought to America in small groups!!

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