Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration!

I am so proud of this crew!  They have have been learning about the constitution of the United States and why it is important for us to have rules and laws.   We read LOTS of books about having good character & brainstormed how we would ALL get along together this year in our very own “Pirate Constitution!”  They even wrote a  Pirate Preamble to introduce and explain WHY we need the constitution.  Today was our day to celebrate!!


The crew celebrated talking like Pirates!

Mrs. Osgood painted pirate faces and dressed up the crew for the BIG event!!

We read & summarized Pirate Pete’s Talk like a Pirate!!Mrs. Jarrell & Mrs. Miller arrived to lead our Constitution Day celebration.

Our First Mate led reading the Constitution They passed out necklaces and rings! Each pirate took a turn to sign the constitution!   They got a compass to remind them the Constitution will help guide our way this year with how to treat each other!Mr. Elliot also signed our constitution!! We talked about the Constitution being our guide, but that we’ll make mistakes and learn from them all year long and that’s OK… that’s how we learn!Pirate GRUB time!!  We learned the REAL reason that Pirates wear eye patches!!Tracking our learning!! Silly pose!!The learning continued with partners naming their own pirate ship then building a catapult to protect their loot from Captain Blackbeard!  They launched their ship’s catapult three times and I’ve decided next time we need a BIGGER launch space.  They went SOOOOO FAR!! We ended the day creating pirate portraits which I will share in the next blog post!!

 At the end of the day it was time to go home and one pirate looked at me and said, “But I don’t want to leave, I want to stay!”  That melted this Captain’s Heart- so glad learning was SO exciting and can’t wait for the NEXT adventure!

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