Learning to use KIND words with toothpaste & and an apple!

These lessons are not only fun, they are memorable!!    

#1—-I challenged the crew to work as a group to get toothpaste out of the tube as fast as they could!  (They decided that was easy!) The next challenge was to get the toothpaste back into the tube!! They tried SO HARD!! (They decided it was too hard!)  Next, we read the book My Mouth is a Volcano  and they made the connection that they can easily let things come out of their mouth, but can’t take them back! The need to show kindness by not interrupting others special moments and thinking… practicing self control! The next day we read, Mr. Peabody’s Apples!  It’s a fabulous story that teaches an important lesson….if we say something that isn’t true about someone, the damage can’t always be repaired even with lots of hard work!  Again, we need to be kind and be careful about what we say.We said unkind things to the apple and when we opened it it was BRUISED!  That is similar to how others might feel if we do not speak in a kind way to them or even how we might feel if it happens to us!!   Powerful lessons!!

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