3 Act Math

We have been working on 3 Act math challenges on Wednesdays so I’m including pictures from two different challenges!  This is an authentic way for the crew to learn to persevere in problem solving. They spread out ALL over the room and get started.   Here is an overview: Act 1– Students see a video, picture, or something that is a “Hook” and we write down what they notice and wonder.  Act 2– Students get questions answered that help them get started on the day’s math challenge!  They can choose to solve using any strategy they choose, but do have to show their thinking. Act 3-  Students learn from each other as they share their thinking. They get to see the final answer to the challenge and are are GLUED to the screen for the final reveal.  This is also when we celebrate their effort for persevering through a challenging problem!

Here are links to two different challenges that we’ve tried:

Tomato Tomato


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