Scientist of the Week- SKITTLES

This pirate wanted us to learn about the rainbow of colors that are on skittles candies!  It was so fun to see the colors PLUS what was under the colors…we eat them so fast we had no idea!!  He tried it first with water, then tried it again using vinegar.  It was fun to watch to see if changing a variable made a difference!  Our scientist even brought extras for the crew to try the experiment again at home.

Here is what it looked like right after he added the water! Almost!
Here it is finished!
 Time to try it again and add the vinegar!
Done! Our scientist walks around and looks at everyone’s science journal!

Both of these pirates did math two different ways to figure out if we had enough skittles for everyone to take home two bags!  The scientist lined up the skittles in pairs, the other pirate solved the problem on the TV!  LOVED their problem solving!!

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