Talk like a Pirate Day- Celebrating our Constitution

Talk like a Pirate Day is a celebration of multiple days of hard work!  The crew worked together to write the class constitution of rules.  They learned about the founding fathers of our country and the hard work they did over 200 years ago writing the U.S. constitution.  We started the week with the Preamble that many of the crew created LAST year.
Then the crew began writing and sharing in pairs and in groups early in the week!

The crew shared their thinking with our First Mate who wrote all the ideas out on the chart.  This was a big job! This is what we used to talk and agree and disagree about what would go into our constitution.  Some ideas were similar so we could combine them and some ideas needed changing.

When it was done it was time to sign the constitution and celebrate Pirate Day!  Of course we had to start the day dressed in our Pirate gear!!

We read the constitution to be SURE it was what we wanted!

We invited Mrs. Hallett, our guidance counselor and Character Counts Leader, to help us when it was time to sign the Constitution!

They had to raise their right “hook” and agree to follow the constitution! 

Meet BOB!  He reminds us to always BE OUR BEST!  We want to have amazing character even when we think no one is watching! 

Time to sign the constitution!!

The crew got special treats to celebrate the day! They got to choose a bracelet and ring to remember their promise! 

Talk Like a Pirate Day included SO much more!  I’m amazed we got it all done, but here are some pictures to prove it!

We practiced talking like a pirate with finger puppets!  The crew had to learn new vocabulary words, learn to understand “pirate” language, then turn and “english” words into “pirate words.”

We loved the snacks that gave us energy!We learned about rocks and minerals! After all if we need to dig for treasure this year we need to know as much a possible!

Sedimentary rocks are layers of rocks!

When they learned that metamorphic rocks require tremendous pressure this is what one pirate tried! 🙂

Of course we needed to read LOTS of pirate books!

End of the day treat!  OREO YUM!

WE are the Pirate crew- sailing the world with good character- ready to change the WORLD!

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