Captain Kelly’s Summer as a Landlubber

Here is a picture from the last day of school!  The room wasn’t the same without the crew!!!  The “ship” was left empty, but the new “ship of learning” for the 18-19 voyage is AMAZING!  Pictures coming soon!

I’ve had a busy summer as a landlubber!!  I enjoyed time with my family and had lots of time for learning and sharing the amazing things that my crew did last school year.  Here are just a few pictures!

Summertime at Outer Banks, North Carolina

Family Snapshot

I went to my parents farm!  Watermelon and tomatoes were ready to eat, corn was busy growing!

When we got home it was time for my youngest son, Luke, to get his Senior Pictures! (Time flies!!)

Teaching Socratic Seminars with Robin Diedrichs in Orlando!!  The crew is who made this session happen by teachers seeing them in action!!

What we learned from Socratic Seminars!

Introduction to Socratic Seminars

Orlando Teacher Roundtable with Amy Grimm!!

 Teaching about Social Emotional Learning and Academics with Claire Riddell at the International Literacy Association Conference  in Texas.

Next was a conference in San Antonio!  This time I didn’t teach, I got to be the student with 2,000 other people!

I was walking around San Antonio, Texas and surprise- it was the Alamo!

Working with Investing in Kids that supports our St. Johns County schools to make a commercial to help schools!  It was so fun to see these smiling faces!!

Now I’m back home and have been getting the ship ready for the next Voyage!!!  Aaargh!



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