Gingerbread City Planning Phase

I gave the crew a challenge- Build a community in which they could live with gingerbread friends from the books we have been reading.  This took a lot of thinking because they had to consider the needs and wants for themselves and the book characters.  Each pirate built one “need” in our community and then built a “want” to share.  The crew looked through each text we read to decide what we could incorporate into our community.  For example, our ocean was inspired by Gingerbread Pirates!   As a part of planning we had to figure out if the fox was really telling the truth about what would happen to gingerbread if it went into water.  After all, he can’t be trusted so we gave it a try!But, it turns out he was telling the truth, because our cookies crumbled!
Scientists record their observations.  Since the cookie crumbles in water we need bridges & pools made of icing for our gingerbread friends to be safe!

Here are our plans!

It was time for the building to begin!

Some of the crew worked independently and some decided to pair up to build!

Once the city including our needs and wants were finished it was time to start on the houses!  Our houses were build with graham crackers, icing, and candy!

One of my previous pirates that came to help the crew!  She’s a master Gingerbread House builder! We made a HUGE mess, but had so much fun building and once we were done it made our Gingerbread City perfect, because we had places to live.  Each pirate picked their “plot” of land, added their house and decorated their yard!

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