Learning the Socratic way

I love when the crew digs into a good book!  This time we dug into two texts- The Gingerbread Boy & the Gingerbread Girl.  We have been working on asking and answering questions about texts in small groups!  It is awesome to see their growth and it is only December.  They are ready to meet in a small group after they research answers to their questions using the text for evidence.  They also take turns asking each other questions.  They have learned to take turns and hold everyone accountable to sharing in the group.   I am stepping out of the conversation more and more and letting them lead.  While the small group does the talking, the outer circle (the rest of the crew) takes notes and reports back what they have learned while they listened.  They are AMAZING at not only tracking data during this time, they can take the information and report what we can learn from it and then use it to improve our talks!

This is their planning phase.

Once our research is complete, it is time to chat!
I can’t wait to see how much they grow at this in the next five months!

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