World Changers in action!!

Look at our Change the World Board!  Last week students took turns writing about different things we have done so far this year to make a difference in the world and then sharing it.  You can also see our Elf, Dino Cookie, wanted to be in the picture as well!

This is one of the posts on our board!  We had a few pirates notice the trash on the ground and ask the rest of the crew to help them clean up so we got started!

This is another post on our board! Hugs Across the county took the socks and shoes we collected early this year and delivered them to schools to share with students who needed them.These pictures are of the crew counting ALL the socks and shoes.  It took a LONG time and a LOT of thinking, but they did it!  They used different strategies and shared their total at the end! These two laid out their tens and ones so they could count their total!
This pirate counted by fives! Each set of partners shared their thinking!
Partners shared their totals, then we added them ALL together using tens and ones!  In all, C.C.E. helped us donate 29 pairs of shoes and 822 pairs of socks.  One pirate wanted us to “take it to the next level” and figure out how many individual socks we collected which totaled 1,644 socks!  Yay!
Thanks for your support parents!  Thanks C.C.E. for helping us make a difference!!!!

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