Pirate Constitution Day

Today we signed our Pirate Constitution, the “Articles of Agreement,” which contains a list of the “rules” for how we will treat each other this year.  Here are some fun pictures along with a short video clip of the Preamble book our crew made called, “We the Pirates!” We had a special visitor stop by to celebrate with us- First Coast News Reporter Katie Jeffries!

Here is our class Preamble to the Pirate Constitution- 44 seconds long, but adorable!  Click on the words below!

Pirate Preamble

We watched our Preamble read by the crew, read our Pirate Constitution, also known as our “Articles of Agreement”, and then signed it in front of Mrs. Jarrell, our Principal, and Dr. Goodwin, our Vice Principal!We made our Pirate Promise!The crew received pirate necklaces to remember our promise and a compass to remind us that our “Articles of Agreement” (Pirate Constitution) will help us stay on course for an amazing year of sailing together!
Before the crew could get their food, each pirate had to look at the Constitution and share one thing from our agreement they had just signed that they thought they could practice when we got our food and ate.Recess time meant Pirate Cakes!  Yum!Yo HO Yo HO A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Thank you parents for sending in the treats!  Aaargh!

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