Fruit Salad Yumminess!

This was the BEST fruit salad EVER!  We added each fruit representing something important like apples representing hard working pirates, blueberries the pirates who take turns, the oranges the pirates that follow rules, the peaches the pirates who take time to clean up after themselves, and the marshmallows the sweet words we say and write to each other.  Each new fruit represented a pillar of character as well- pirates that were respectful, trustworthy, caring, fair,responsible, and of course those that were good citizens.  We did this for every fruit until….

We saw the bad bananas!  Look at their faces! The bananas were not the amazing fruit we had watched already going into the bowl!  The bad bananas represented pirates that might interrupt others or not follow the pillars of character.   They did NOT want the bananas added to the salad so we got rid of them!Now the fruit salad was ready to eat, filled with fruit reminders of the smart choices we’ll make this year and choosing NOT to be a “Bad Banana!”   YUM!

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