The Toothpaste Challenge

After reading two awesome books called, “My Mouth is a Volcano!” and “Tattle Tongue” we were ready for the toothpaste challenge.  The crew worked with a partner to empty a tube of toothpaste as fast as they could! They did an amazing job working fast.  Then came the challenge… They had two minutes to put all the toothpaste BACK into the tube.  This took much longer, but each pirate worked with their partner diligently to return the toothpaste to its tube. They started to realized that  it wasn’t returning as easily as it came out!  Once I called time, a pirate looked at me and asked,  “If we can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube, what was the point?”  That became our goal, so we all sat together to figure out WHY!  We started revisiting the books.  We thought about how the books were similar and different.  We shared our thinking  with partners and with the crew.  Together we realized that our words are like the toothpaste!  They can easily fall out of our mouth to interrupt others and to tattle, but once that happens, we cannot easily take them back.
We figured out the challenge! Now… our goal is to spend the year carefully thinking about what we say!

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