Captain Kelly’s Summer

What does a Pirate Captain do all summer?  Here are a few pictures of my adventures.

Our oldest son, Zach, graduated high school the day after school ended in May. 

That same day my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew who live in Costa Rica SURPRISED my mom and dad with a visit to the states!
This is my little brother!  He’s been the realtor on three episodes of HGTV International! He’s famous! 🙂Next we headed to Outer banks, North Carolina!  This deck was pretty much where I stayed ALL week reading books!

 After the beach, I spent a week at my mom and dad’s farm in Jennings, FL!!!  Here is my mom!  She is amazing at so many things, especially cooking! My dad was busy fishing and growing tomatoes and watermelons! 🙂

My mom and I shopped a lot!

My husband and I  went to orientation in Tallahassee, FL with Zach who will be attending Florida State University this Fall!  We will drop him off in two weeks!

Here is his dorm!!  Wow it is beautiful!

I spent a week in July in Orlando at a Teacher Conference.

Look at how much fun teachers have when we are learning!I met so many AMAZING teachers that teach all over the state of Florida!

I met the authors of “The Growth Mindset Coach” and they signed my book copy!  My family, including my parents, attended the Teacher of the Year Gala in Orlando with me!

Dad, Mom, Luke, Me, Mr. Kelly, Zach

I was blessed to have these special Cardinal teachers also attend the Gala with me!

Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Raymer, me, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Underwood
I have loved getting letters from my Pirate Crew all summer long and writing them back!

I had brunch at Metro Diner with some of the first grade team!

Mrs. Fuata, Mrs. Zitzewitz, Mrs. Hughes, me, Mrs. Raymer
I attended a workshop with other Cardinal teachers all about reading and writing!  Look to the left and you will see our new principal, Mrs. Jarrell!!

Mrs. Jarrell, Mrs. O’Shell, me, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Seckinger

Summer is over for teachers!  It is time to get back to the classroom and get this ship ready to “sail” again!  It will look MUCH better by Wednesday! 🙂  I cannot wait to meet my new crew AND get hugs from past pirates!  “Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate!”  Aaarrrgh!

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