What makes YOU Wild about Math?

One of our Change the World projects this year is being Day Makers.   Kid President taught us that a Day Maker is someone who makes another person’s day more awesome.  These video clips were from a video we made for teachers at a math conference to make them smile.  The teachers chose to spend their  Saturday morning learning about math.  It was amazing because so much of the conference was about Three-Act Math.  In the video you’ll quickly see how much the crew loves the in depth math challenges that Three-Act Math provides.   This video wasn’t scripted… it is each pirate sharing what they LOVE about math, plus I added a math challenge for them at the end.  I included pictures of the crew problem solving today.  Enjoy!

Wild About Math Video

Once they figured out how many times Morgan patted her head in 27 seconds, I asked them if they could figure out how many time Morgan patted her head in 81 seconds.  They were so excited to keep problem solving!

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