Spreading GOLD!

What an honor it was to share smiles and spread GOLD today!    We had three important stops to make. First, we sang to our SIX amazing school board leaders to sing that they are worth more than GOLD.

Here is the video from singing to the School Board:  GOLD VIDEO

Next, we sang to two people at St. Augustine High School, a nurse and a teacher.

Group hug!

Then we went to Beaver Toyota to sing!  Here is the video: Beaver Toyota GOLD video

Finally, we ended this special day with lunch at a Veteran’s Park!

Practice time!

They made handmade awards, CROWNS that they signed, “Made with love by, (their name)”

Nail Time!

Bus ride 

This was a fun picture- looks like we are in a bus bubble!

Lunch and play time!

We ended our day by singing GOLD to our bus driver who was AMAZING!


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