I love the way these World Changers get things done!  We worked together to make a difference in Uganda today.  It happened to be Kid President’s challenge #74… “Make something awesome.”  We used jeans and fabric to draw each part needed to make a pair of shoes.  We invited older kids (2nd & 5th grade) to help three first grade classes do the cutting & more drawing.  We had parents, grandparents, aunts, and teachers partner with the students for a shoe cutting party so that the children there won’t get jiggers (sand fleas that HURT!)   We made the tools that the shoemakers need to help keep children jigger-free!  We partnered with SOLE HOPE to make it happen.

Here is a sample shoe of what it looks like almost finished.

We started all together talking about how to make the shoes.

Students who have helped with the project previously modeled how partners make the shoes.

Then it was time to start!

We expanded into the hallway!

There is a group of ladies taking home the uncut fabric to finish and as soon as we know how many shoes we made we’ll let you know.   I’m thinking it would be a pretty amazing math challenge to figure out!

Thank you for helping provide HOPE for Uganda by sending in supplies, helping your pirate work on their service project, participating in the shoe cutting party, and encouraging them to be a World Changer!

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