Learning with PEEPS!

It turns out that these little Peeps make learning even more fun.  We spent time learning about graphing and making fractions with Peeps and then doing a STEAM activity in which they built a “Peep Palace” for Peep!


Before palace building could begin they created a plan and met in groups to decide which plan they wanted to try first.  The goal was to build the tallest Peep Palace using paper and tape that would hold their Peep!

In this group one pirate explained that her grandma told her it is ALL about building a strong BASE to build a tall tower! 

The strong base worked!

Each group measured their palace!

Here it is…. the TALLEST Peep Palace!

Once they were built we moved from group to group to discuss what we could learn from each one!

We recorded what we learned in our Science journals!  So fun!

Families- Thank you for sending in the PEEPS! 🙂

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