We LOVE math…inspired by these math gurus!

We had some amazing mathematicians that not only know how to teach math to kids, but how to INSPIRE kids to LOVE math.  Graham Fletcher creates many of the 3 Act math tasks that we do.  The crew had a list of questions they wanted to ask him so he said he would answer them!  We had an amazing zoom session where he gave them behind the scenes information!  Zak and Claire Champagne spent time this morning giving the crew a math challenge and then the crew went to work thinking, and thinking, and thinking.  I love that the crew loves math and are persevering through challenging problems without giving up.  I’m thankful for math gurus who share what they’ve learned to inspire teachers like me!

Mr. & Mrs. Champagne with some excited first graders!

Mr. Graham Fletcher!!!!

Mr. Champagne shared a math challenge for the crew to think about and solve!

Some pirates shared their thinking!

We love math!

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